The term ‘modern’ is applied to a vast array of various facets in everyday life. We have modern design, modern clothing, modern cars, modern homes, etc. The term itself has become so diluted and ubiquitous that it could conceivably be applied to almost anything. Yet for all of its misuse and over-exposure, “modern” still conveys a sense of forward progression; something that belongs to the future, but somehow is here today in the present.

For us at PUSH/PULL, ‘modern’ is more than just a term used to describe style or aesthetic, it is a way of thinking and living. To be truly modern one must not only embrace the forward thinking designs and aesthetics of the day, but he or she must also adopt the progressive and positive cultural, societal, ethical, and environmental ideals as well. This definition of modern along with a devot focus on sustainability, is at the core of everything we create and hold true here at PUSH/PULL.

Our goal at PUSH/PULL is to balance form, beauty, intelligence, functionality, practicality, and sustainability all into one wholly formed vision. Through our acute, and at times obsessive, attention to detail, we aim to achieve the perfect balance between art and function; consumption and conservation; trends and timelessness. Whether it is through our design, construction, or consulting work, it is extremely important for us to make holistic and honest design the driving force behind all of our work. These pursuits are our passions and the reason PUSH’PULL exists today. 

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